Family business for

3 generations

About us

Komplex management.


The processes start with the projection including price offer, drawings in AutoCad and measuring of the construction as well.


The quality of our work dates back to 1950. Today, we can produce unrivalled products thanks to the most advanced production processes and technologies.


The advanced assembly procedures, we use, will bring your dream project to a successful end. You don't have to look for anyone else!

The KUNAJ company is a world expert in comprehensive solutions for first-class windows and doors.

Modern company with excellent service, quality products and reliable team is managed by the third generation of the Kunaj family.
We offer our customers comprehensive management of first-class windows and doors, from the beginning (projection) to the end (assembly).

Third generation of the KUNAJ family

The current trio of owners has been successfuly guiding the company for over 20 years


The quality of our products has been passed down from generation to generation since 1950. At that time, Ján Kunaj, the old father of today's owners, founded a small family carpentry in Štrba. The beginnings in the workshop, behind the house, were modest, but they were the beginning of more than 70 years of family tradition.
Ján Kunaj, who also fought on the front line in World War II, had an unusual feeling for wood in his hands, and this is exactly what his grandchildren admired on him. He was mainly engaged in the production of benches, tables, mirrors, and also doors. His love for wood still motivates them.


Ján Kunaj passed on his carpentry skills and knowledge to his son, Ján Kunaj Jr. Together, they made wooden furniture, strengthened the family tradition and improved processes.
The founder's grandchildren are grateful for all the knowledge they have passed on, because without them they would not be able to do the work that pleases and fills them. The fact that they are the owners and managers of a carpentry company with a history is not only seen as a job, but as a life mission. That's why they took over the company from their father.


The company has been completely taken over by the third generation. At that time, they started to manufacture Euro windows. They worked in the original workshop behind the house, which was only 180 m². In addition to windows, they also made doors, tables, benches and wooden accessories for the interior.
In 2002 the company moved. The main focus of the company was the production of Euro windows and doors. In 2018, after the first successes, the company again managed to move to new premises with a showroom, where the company headquarters are located today.
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