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Cleaning and maintaining wooden windows


To prevent renovation, treat the windows with a wooden window care kit and lubricate all hardware at least once a year. The wooden frame is exposed to the weather outdoors. However, when the paint is already peeling, it is necessary to redecorate the window.

The fittings, handles and hinges are removed. Cover the jar with clear film. An important step is added - removing the old paint. Gently sand off some of the paint. If the paint is very worn and needs to be removed completely, use paint remover. Thoroughly remove paint and dust residue. In case cracks have appeared, these must be filled with sealant. Paint the window frame with the first waterproofing colour. For this it is ideal to apply the paint twice in the desired shade. Finally, the window frame needs a top coat of paint to make the paint last longer.

Hotel Villa Dr. Szontagh has renovated his windows. To see the whole process, watch the video below.

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