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Oak - one of the most impressive trees in the world


The first fossils related to the history of oaks appeared around 35 million years ago, with tree characteristics similar to modern-day oaks. The oak wood has a certain resistance to water, which is why in the past it was used to make wine barrels or even boats. Oak is widespread in the northern temperate zone and in the tropics at high altitudes.

The fruit of an oak tree is an acorn. The mature trees shed varying numbers of acorns annually. One can distinguish about 450 species, which are equipped with the most diverse characteristics. This is the species group of white and red oaks. Oak wood is not only decorative, it also has excellent properties. Therefore, there are numerous uses for it, mainly in the manufacture of flooring, furniture and veneers. White oaks have bristly leaves, sometimes with glandular edges. Oaks are easily propagated by the acorns mentioned and thrive well in slightly moist or sandy soil. Oak is a very hard and heavy hardwood. Due to the high content of tanning agents, oak wood is very resistant to pest and fungal attack.

The natural strength and attractive appearance of oak wood make it suitable for many purposes. Famous designers such as Gustav Stickley and Frank Lioyd Wright also rely on oak. Oaks are characterized by a beautiful, natural look, which is expressed in a wide variety of finishes, wood grains and colours. Oak wood can darken over time and take on more amber tones. The lignin in the upper layers of wood is broken down by UV radiation and the wood becomes darker.

Darkening wooden furniture is purely an aesthetic matter. For this reason, it is generally better to buy a whole set of oak furniture at once. And finally, at the end of this story - did you know that acorns can be used to make flour for human consumption?

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