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Why wooden windows?

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Why wooden windows?

A meaningful tradition

Wood has been the main material for window construction for many years. After all, it is one of the readily available materials, a good insulator and a universal product. Since materials other than plastic and aluminium have become available on the market, the advantages of natural materials have receded into the background. Here are some reasons why you should have wooden windows in your home:


Both plastic and aluminium mimic the style of wood. Even when they come close, these artificial materials just can't surpass the elegance of the original - the wood. Wooden windows are warm, classic, they easily combine with any kind of architectural style and design.


Wooden windows can be painted and stained to create a unique look. There are different types of finishes, stains and protective coatings that can help keep wooden windows looking great. This is not possible with aluminium or plastic windows.

Long-term investment

Wooden windows require maintenance to keep the wood in the best condition and to prolong the life of the window. With proper care, wooden windows can easily last 50 years and more.

Energy efficiency

Wood is a very good material due to its insulating properties. Thanks to the wooden frames, your home will be more cozy in the winter and summer months. Wood is inherently a particularly energy-efficient building material.

Noise protection

With new wooden windows, sound insulation is achieved through the various constructions. Windows with high-quality sound insulation can work wonders and ensure a pleasant peace in the house, even when chaos is raging outside.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Green in the house. Most homeowners want to reduce emissions and non-renewable resources as much as possible. Choosing wooden windows can be a good start. The wooden window frames, in more ways than one, are an ecological choice. Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials. Manufacturing PVC window frames requires eight times more energy and generates more emissions than wooden frames. Plastic windows also generate incomparably more waste.


Wooden windows have higher acquisition costs. However, the price is made up of many different factors - size, style, type of wood, etc. And because wooden window frames can survive most other materials, it is a worthwhile investment.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Plastic windows are cheap, aluminium windows require less maintenance, wooden windows are for the sake of the environment...Choosing the right material depends entirely on your needs and preferences.

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