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Window Care and Maintenance with the Sikkens Pflegeset

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Window Care and Maintenance with the Sikkens Pflegeset

Care set for the maintenance of varnished wooden windows. The set consists of:

- sponge,

- cleaning solution Special Cleaner WV 803,

- special care milk Maintenance Milk gloss WV 802.

The milk output is about 20 ml / m2.

The Sikkens Pflegeset is intended for the regular care of externally painted surfaces of external doors and wooden windows. The cleaner WV803 Special Cleaner effectively removes dirt and micro-layers from the paintwork surface.

Subsequent application of the WV 802 Maintenance Milkgloss care balm restores the original shine and appearance of the paint film and the resulting layer protects the paintwork from the effects of the weather.


Wash windows with the sponge, then apply care milk with a soft cloth


The product meets the VOC 2010 limits


Plastic bottles, 2 × 250 ml.

Regular maintenance of wooden windows increases their lifespan and durability. Such treatment should be repeated 1-2 times a year.

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