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Wooden Windows - Essential criteria to consider when buying new windows

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Wood has been a material used in the construction industry for years. The windows of old castles and palaces bear witness to this. The characteristics of wooden windows are very diverse and positive. Wooden windows ensure a natural regulation of the indoor climate. In addition, there is the fact that wooden windows have a high level of thermal insulation..

Our Euro windows are available in different types of wood. You can choose from windows made of spruce, oak, meranti or Siberian spruce. The visible wood drawing is probably the most beautiful decoration of entire windows. Thanks to the wooden windows, the interior gets a completely different dimension. Back to nature, plastic windows don't give you that feeling of homely warmth and coziness to the same extent. So, it's about a feeling. Wood is a living natural material. The colour of the windows may change over time. The wooden windows provide a special charm and natural appearance of your house. Its excellent properties make it an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator.

The material costs for wooden windows are higher than the material costs for plastic windows. All windows should be inspected and maintained once or twice a year anyway. Nowadays we are aware that we all have to take care of our planet together It is necessary to choose ecological building materials. A healthy home is definitely worth it.

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