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The day that celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests.  

Forest become a place for relaxation and recreation. Peter Wohlleben, the German forester, in his book called The Hidden Life of trees, thinks trees have memory, they may have friends, some act as parents or good neighbours. Trees create hierarchy, in which each tree has an unreplaceable function. Since wood is a material with which we do work in our production every day, we annually support an organization that sets new trees in our land area. In the near future, we are also launching a new product called "Vision" window, for which we use up to 30% less wood than a regular window. In the production of "Vision” windows, about 70% less waste is produced than in the production of a regular wooden window. We are aware of the importance of trees for humanity and by buying products from us you contribute to the planting of trees.

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