Articles / The plastic over is over!

Finding the perfect window type for your home isn’t as easy as it seems. From our point of view – as a producer of wooden window frames, we will show you the differences between wooden and plastic framed windows.  

In comparison to plastic window frames, the wooden ones provide a better insulation. Looks or aesthetic of wooden window frames is one of the reasons many people choose this type of windows in the first place. Wooden window frames have a much higher initial cost than any of the other materials used- this may be a disadvantage, as well as the care of theme - the plastic windows can be left untreated, they do not need such attention and care as the wooden ones. Since the wood is able to “breath” it helps to keep the humidity level in the building, which creates a sense of comfort. Wood, if given care, will last a lifetime, as in the case of ancient castles we vote for wood.

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