Exterior Doors

The first thing you see should make a lasting impression. You no longer need a key to open them.

Exterior Doors

They have to be functional, meeting safety criteria, beautiful and full of features. Exterior front doors must fulfil the thermal insulation function and can even be installed with fire resistance as well. Our doors are built with quality and lasting value to protect your home.
They may be made in a different decor on each side. An interesting option is the opening your front door via biometric door lock or mobile phone. Our entry door designs offer a variety of options including wood-aluminium or wooden designs, entrance doors with sidelights letting in the natural light. If you are looking for atypical tailor-made front door’s solutions, you are in the right place.


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Poprad-Veľká, Slovakia

Family House in Poprad Veľká

Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia

Family House in Rimavská Sobota

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Semi-detached House in Bratislava

Exterior Doors


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Family House Poprad | KUNAJIndividual | Biometric Exterior Doors

Family House Poprad-Veľká | KUNAJIndividual | Exterior Doors


Why exterior doors from KUNAJ

Security and durability are two qualities that entrance doors to the house must meet. Create the perfect entryway for your home with the doors you prefer, from the supplier you trust. Modern production technology, professional team, key experiences - explore all the entry door features and options KUNAJ offers. Let us help you to find the best solution.

Complex service

As one of the few companies we provide a complete service at each stage of exterior doors production that are manufactured from A to Z.

20 years of experience

The history of our company dates back to 1950, the finely crafted exterior doors reflect the company’s long tradition of excellence.

Tailor-made for you

Find out how Kunaj doors are made just for you. Most of our products are custom made to fit your home’s exact specifications.

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Security and durability are two qualities that entrance doors to the house must meet. Create the perfect entryway for your home with the doors you prefer, from the supplier you trust. Modern production technology, professional team, key experiences - explore all the entry door features and options KUNAJ offers. Let us help you to find the best solution.

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You are now just a click away from your dream exterior front door. Click on the "offer request" and the price calculation will be sent within 48 hours.

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Our experts will analyse your needs and clarify technical parameters and data. You will find out the installation time and how long the production will take.

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Dream home

Let´s build your dream home together. We are here to help, whether your project requires a full design from service, creation and installation.

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Visit our KUNAJ showroom in the High Tatras

You can visit our showroom for an in-person view of the work we do and to get a feel for our products. You will find us near the train station or motorway exit. You can make the trip more pleasant with a coffee, a view of the High Tatras, or a walk around Štrbské Pleso.


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See what our customers say about the KUNAJ exterior doors

We value our customers and always listen to what they have to say about our services. Thanks to modern technology, a qualified team and 20 years of experience, we will be the right partner for your project. We will produce your doors according to the requirements of quality and precision. What our customers say:

"We have always liked the entrance doors of larger dimensions. When we finished the house last year, there were not manymanufacturers in Slovakia who could produce the dimensions of our ideas. After consulting with the Kunaj team, we chose wood-aluminium doors, which require easy maintenance. Biometric fingerprint unlock was a great choice as well. Thank you so much.”

- Terézia Č. (Google Reviews)

"We have a front door from Kunaj. The install wass wift; very nice, reliable and professional service of the delivery staff providing and installing the door. Would recommend to anyone. “

- Marko S. (Google recenzia)


Frequently asked questions

How much is a new front door?

The price of high-quality front doors starts at €2,000. Costs will be influenced by your own front door ideas as the different materials and door styles come with very different price tags. How the door is constructed is important, too. Whether a new frame is required is also a crucial question.

A popular budget choice of your clients is a uPVC front door. The price of an aluminium doors is somewhere between the prices of wooden and wood-aluminium exterior doors.

How do I choose an exterior door?

The choice of an exterior door depends on the customer's preferences and the technical solution of the door. The customer decides whether the entrance door will be provided by a security class, which is an important feature of the door.

Safety fittings are added to the entrance door at the customer's request, as well as skylights and other accessories.

Which types of exterior doors are available?

The most common types according to the material are uPVC, aluminium, wooden and wood-aluminium doors. There are doors with a side or top skylight.

A popular choice of your customers are glass front doors as well are also popular, as they can make your space more open and brighter. Corridors and halls usually do not have their own windows, so the use of glass doors is welcome in this case.

What colour designs and door materials do you offer?

We make entrance doors from wood and wood-aluminium. The most common choice of our customers is doors made of spruce and oak wood, but we have a large number of woods available, including exotic ones. We have also made special wooden entrance doors according to the customer's wishes, which were made of oak on the outside, while their interior side was made of railway sleepers.

We can make doors in any colour, but most often the colour is chosen according to the shade of the windows. The current trend is the colour anthracite.

Do you produce exterior doors for large projects or for family houses?

Most of the manufactured entrance doors are intended for customers and their family homes. In addition, part of the production is made up of demand from developers and their large projects.

Are your exterior doors made for passive houses?

A passive house door is an exterior door specifically designed to help homeowners meet the rigorous passive house standard for energy efficiency and thermal performance. Entrance doors from KUNAJ meet the energy requirements of passive house standards, starting from the D92 profile. We offer you a diverse model range that you can pick from and then individualise your bespoke dream door.

How long does an entrance door last?

Our doors can last a lifetime if they are painted regularly. The doors require some additional maintenance on a regular basis. In the wood-aluminium design, it is enough to paint the door hinges once a year.

Are your exterior doors made eco-friendly?

Nowadays, our customers care about the material origin and the ecological impact of the production. If any waste by the productions arises, it is subject to further processing. Wood waste will thus get a new use in the form of briquettes for heating our building.

Wood is a renewable resource, the production of front doors is ecological in this case. However, forests need to be cared for constantly, which is why we joined the planting of new trees.

Do you also produce entrance doors with the biometric door lock?

Biometric door locks are becoming one of the safest and most efficient locks on the market. We produce entrance doors that can be opened with a biometric door lock, a mobile phone or a tablet.

Since smart home solutions are becoming more and more popular, it become our priority to apply modern smart home solutions to our products.

Do you also provide installation for the entrance doors?

We provide the installation service throughout Slovakia and abroad. Entrance doors are mounted on the mounting anchors, similar to window frames. It is also possible to use foam assembly or assembly tapes.

How do I order your exterior doors?

Starting your next project or in the planning stages? Our professional team member helps you explore your options and discuss your project, pricing, quotes and payment options, shipping and lead times. Connect with us to get a custom project consultation today.

If the customer agrees with the price offer, the front door will be measured by our technicians and put into the production.

What are the experiences and reviews of your customers?

We always appreciate receiving the great feedback our customers provide us once their products are installed. The entrance doors are a frequent product of our production and we produce them on a daily basis. We have a number of satisfied customers who contact us with a request for resupply of our products. Often, after finishing the exterior, it is mainly a request for interior doors.


Visit our showroom and have the opportunity to see live and try out our four-meter entrance doors with biometric opening.

You can read the testimonials on our Google profile or FB page.

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