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A fire door need not always be plain and boring. A designer fire door may add beauty to your home. Fire doors are manufactured to withstand the spread of fire for a given period of time in order to secure and protect your home and property.

Fire Doors

Fire doors and Fire door frames are required to be tested and certified. Fire door certificates are an integral part of the delivery and installation of the fire shutter. Fire doors are a vital part of preventing the spread of smoke and flames in many types of structure, meeting safety standards and giving people time to escape.
Fire-resistant classes EI or EW show the number of minutes the door prevented flames and gases passing through to the non-heated side. Insulated fire doors combine fire protection with the benefits of thermal and smoke control. Their use is necessary where the doors separate the living spaces from the boiler rooms or from the common areas.


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Demänová Resort

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Hrebienok Resort

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Fire Doors


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Why fire doors from KUNAJ?

There are many manufacturers of fire doors on the market today. Any home or commercial space must be prepared for potential fire breaks with special fire door designs near the exit points. KUNAJ company has many years of experience in the design, manufacture and professional installation of fire shutters. Safe and durable fire doors require a reliable partner.

Komplex service

As one of the few companies we provide a complete service of fire doors production from A to Z. We use our experience and technology to bring your project to life.

20 years of experience

The history of our company dates back to 1950, the finely crafted fire doors reflect the company’s long tradition of excellence.


Our certified fire-rated doors are manufactured in fire safety class 2.

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There are many manufacturers of fire doors on the market today. Any home or commercial space must be prepared for potential fire breaks with special fire door designs near the exit points. KUNAJ company has many years of experience in the design, manufacture and professional installation of fire shutters. Safe and durable fire doors require a reliable partner.

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If you're struggling to make up your mind, you can view our products in person. You will have a team member on hand to walk and talk you through our product range, explaining the differences between wooden fire doors and steel fire doors and you can also look into the production. You will find us near the train station and close to the D1 motorway exit.


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See what our customers say about the KUNAJ fire doors

References of companies, developers, and customers living in family houses or flats are our priority. Thanks to our qualified employees, modern production technology and many years of experience, we will be a strong and reliable partner for your fire shutters. We manufacture and install fire doors in the highest quality, exactly according to the technical requirements of the construction, and if necessary, we will ensure regular inspection. Take a look at some of our testimonials:

"As a caretaker, I ordered new boiler room doors. The company is only 20 minutes away from us, they have a good reputation in the area. By visiting showroom personally, they had explained us our options. Delivery was fast and everyone is satisfied with the quality."

- Lea M. (Google Reviews)

“We thank the guys from Kunaj for the delivery of the fire doors with assembly. We had to install the doors in the transition from the garage to the living area. Since we were short on time for the approval, it was not easy to find a door manufacturer. However, Kunaj helped us, thanks again.”

- Radoslav U. (Google Reviews)


Frequently asked questions

How much does a fire door cost?

The price of fire doors depends on the material used and the fire standard. The price of steel fire doors is higher than the price of wooden fire doors. However, prices range from €350 upwards.

How do I choose a fire door?

The most important criterion when choosing a fire door is fire resistance. This information is always included in the building's fire protection project. The second criterion is the material. The most preferred by our clients are wooden fire doors and steel fire doors.

Are Kunaj´s fire doors effective and certified?

All fire doors must go through a certification process. The door is tested for burning time. After two years, they are tested again and recertified. The tests are conducted in a special test centre.

Does a fire door function as a smoke door?

Smoke-tight doors are a special category of doors that we also offer. By default, classic fire doors are not effective against smoke. Smoke tightness is a requirement that is specified in the special fire protection project. Smoke-tight doors have been designed to block out combustible items and smoke.

What are some different types of fire doors and which type is the best?

Fire doors can be classified according to their fire rating, material, or features. We can classify the doors into different categories depending on their fire resistance. This is EI30 and EI45. The fire resistance refers to the time period during which the fire rated door holds. EIis equal to heat resistance, that is, on one side the door is not hot to the touch. The second criterion is the type of protection. Here the division of EI and EW applies, where EI is equal to heat resistance, that is, on one side the door is not hot to the touch.


EW, on the other hand, means burnout. (EW30 - in 30 minutes the fire will not get through such a door). The best fire doors are those that can be grabbed from one side, i.e., from the safe side, and last as long as possible to resist the spread of fire.

What colour designs and door materials do you offer?

Veneered fire doors, which maintain the fire protection, are a popular choice for interior doors.  The second option is a laminate fire door. The door can be installed in a wooden, laminate or steel frame.

Our fire doors are also available in glazed fire door options that mean you can let light in to brighten up a room with regulation fire glass. You may discover both 30 and 45 minute fire doors in our collection.

Do you produce fire doors for large projects or for family houses?

Many fire doors manufactured by us were supplied mainly for large projects. Apartment buildings, hotels, administrative buildings have the use of fire doors in fire sections specified in the fire protection projects. However, we often produce fire doors for family homes, where the use of such doors is also beneficial. They separate living spaces from boiler rooms or technical rooms.

Do you produce fire doors to an apartment/boiler room/garage?

Fire doors to the boiler room and garages are often requested by our customers. Our fire doors also automatically meet safety criteria. We're manufacturers of the industrial fire doors as well.

Are your fire doors made eco-friendly?

We manufacture doors with a responsible and ecological approach and its effect on the environment. If any waste is generated, it is all processed used to heat our administrative and production premises.

We are also involved in planting new trees in the High Tatras. In production, we use ecological paints and varnishes.

Do you also provide installation for fire doors?

Many customers still underestimate the installation of this type of door. Without professional installation, buying a fire door is completely useless. Installation of fire doors is performed regularly by our certified installers. Fire doors are usually mounted on special fire-resistant foam or by concreting. Fire doors must also be regularly inspected.

How do I order your fire doors?

The first step is filling out the form or consulting with a sales representative. We will send the price offer to the customer via email.

If the price offer is approved by the customer, the doors will be measured by our technicians. After the project has been prepared and it has been approved by the customer, the doors are put into production.

What are the experiences and reviews of your customers?

You can see our products in several popular places in Slovakia. Many hotels have our fire doors installed. Hotel doors in Hotel Pošta in Jasná are made of wooden veneer, so they perfectly complement the mountain visual of the hotel.

Other well-known hotels with our fire doors are Hrebienok Resort or Demänová Resort.

Read some of them on our Google profile or FB page.

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