Interior doors

Tailor-made interior doors provide privacy, warmth and a sense of quiet, whilst also supporting the flow of a space.

Interior Doors

Interior doors with a doorframe are an essential element of every household. Can be a quick way to make a room feel cosier, lighter or, in some cases, bigger and more functional. Using the same design inside a home or workplace will bring a sense of connection and consistency. Our custom interior doors are durable and easy to maintain. Interior doors also contribute to the thermal insulation of the home and soundproofing.
Their primary role is functional - they divide up spaces, let light in and prevent noise travelling around the house. But they also add an extra level of design detail too. Quality materials and timeless design, as well as an individual approach guarantee that your interior with new tailor-made internal doors will be special. We may also help you to match a room’s existing look.


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Jasná, Slovakia

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Family House in Rimavská Sobota

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Family House Žiar

Interior Doors


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Why the internal doors from KUNAJ?

When buying interior doors, choose a professional supplier with an individual approach. An individual approach means meeting the unique needs of your home. From the wood itself to the colour of the fittings and the design of the handle for the interior door, we offer our customers unlimited and atypical options.

Komplex service

As one of the few companies we provide a complete service at each stage of the interior doors production. We use our experience and technology to bring your project to life.

20 years of experience

The history of our company dates back to 1950, the finely crafted interior doors reflect the company’s long tradition of excellence.

100% Slovak products

Our interior doors are produced in a Slovak manufacture base. The commitment to quality has been passed down to our employees and continues to be a driving force in the company.

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When buying interior doors, choose a professional supplier with an individual approach. An individual approach means meeting the unique needs of your home. From the wood itself to the colour of the fittings and the design of the handle for the interior door, we offer our customers unlimited and atypical options.

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Let´s build your dream home together. Our team will guide you through the process from quote to installation.

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Visit our KUNAJ showroom in the High Tatras

When choosing interior doors, find the right supplier. Visit our new showroom and find out more about our internal doors - their design, manufacture and assembly. You will find us near the train station or motorway exit. You can make the trip more pleasant with a coffee, a view of the High Tatras, or a walk around Štrbské Pleso, which is only 12 kilometres away from our showroom.


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See what our customers say about the KUNAJ interior doors

We value our customers and always listen to what they have to say about our services. Thanks to modern technology, a qualified team and 20 years of experience, we will be the right partner for your project. We will produce your doors according to the requirements of quality and precision. Take a look at some of our testimonials:

"After 20 years, we needed to replace all the interior doors in our apartment. During that time, our children and pets have significantly worn them out. We were mainly looking for a manufacturer that also offers assembly. The KUNAJ team did a good job in the door fitting and assembly. We are happy about the final results."

- Mirko T. (Google Reviews)

"My husband and I decided to buy quality oak doors for our new family house. We had considered the investment for a longer time. We chose interior doors from Kunaj, now we have the doors for 5 years and it was the best investment. The doors match with existing windows and floors, they have been admired by everyone who comes to visit us. "

- Silvia S. (Google Reviews)

“I am very satisfied with the cooperation with Kunaj, the quality of the material, fitting and the following service. We have windows and doors from Kunaj in two houses, one for 13 years and the windows still look perfect! Service was never a problem. Would recommend to anyone."

- Rastislav V. (Google Reviews)


Frequently asked questions

How much does an interior door cost?

The cost of an interior door largely depends on the type, material, design and size. Interior doors are available in a variety of styles and types, so the product needs to be priced according to the selected accessories. The price range of an interior door is actually wide.

How do I choose an interior door?

There are many door styles to choose from that will help bring out the character of your home. When selecting a door, it’s important to think about how it will be used in your home. Some customers prefer matching interior doors with floors and furniture. It´s important to take into consideration whether it is necessary to make a single or double-winged interior door.

Tall internal doors or custom size internal doors add piece to the home interior decoration.

What types of internal doors are there?

Based on material used for construction of doors, they are classified in foil faced doors, laminated and veneered wood internal doors. Furthermore, there is a division according to design, into rebated and non-rebated, tall doors up to the ceiling, or doors with or without an upper cover.

Interior doors with glass, or even fully glazed interior doors, are also popular. A special category is sliding interior doors, which are especially sought after where there is a lack of space, for example in narrow corridors or wardrobes. We have also produced atypical interior doors with a slant.

What are the current trends in interior door desingn?

Design trends change every year, from various shapes and colors to height and width measurements. Trends are based on someone’s taste, and can range from very simple to extremely detailed. Currently, customers prefer white interior doors the most. White doors in the interior light up the space and give it airiness.

Glass doors are ever-increasing in popularity due to their versatility. The second best-selling interior door is the oak interior door in a natural tone.

Do interior doors have to match?

They should match throughout the house in style. They should be elegant and match the existing look. We give our customers the opportunity to connect the doors with other house elements such as window frames and floors. Matching the window and door casing throughout your home generates a unity of style.

What colour designs and door materials do you offer?

We have a huge range of interior doors in numerous styles and sizes to choose from. Available door types include current trends –bright, natural shades, simple design. In terms of material, CPL laminates and natural veneer are available to customers.

Wood, as a natural material, offers a huge variety of patterns and colour tones. As no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, your wooden front door will be completely unique to you.

Should be interior doors replaced?

There are also many reasons to replace your interior doors completely. The most obvious being damage. Interior doors are not something you want to replace every couple of years. A quality interior door made from the finest materials will stand the test of time in terms of durability and style.

Do you produce interior doors for large projects or for family houses?

In the category of interior doors, it is exactly 50/50. Owners of family houses often look for our interior doors, however we also manufacture doors for large projects and apartment buildings. We also produce interior doors for hotels.

Does Kunaj manufacture tall interior doors?

New tall doors produce stylish houses. We can make doors up to four meters high. We manufacture custom made tall internal doors that add piece and calm to the home interior decoration.

Our custom made tall internal doors were delivered in many of our projects. To find more, see the gallery of the family semi-detached house in Bratislava or a family house in Rimavská Sobota.

Are your interior doors available with a frame?

Our interior doors come in sets, with a door wing and frames attached, and are available in a variety of frame designs e.g., casing frames or hidden frames. The material of the door frame is matched with the door wings.

However, according to the customer's request, we can also deliver the door wing without the frame. The most preferred type of door frames at Kunaj are casing door frames.

Are your interior doors made eco-friendly?

We manufacture doors with a responsible and ecological approach and its effect on the environment. If any waste is generated, it is all processed used to heat our administrative and production premises.

Wooden doors have a greater energy saving potential than any other door material. Wooden doors are fully recyclable material, whichis also a very important aspect.

How do I order your interior doors?

If you have your own idea, and require more information, let us now per a contact form. Our team member will prepare a price quote for you and send it to you via e-mail.

If you accept the price offer, the sales representative will complete all the necessary details with you. Our technicians will come to you to focus the door openings. After targeting, the door will be designed and will begin to be manufactured.

What are the experiences and reviews of your customers?

We are happy about our satisfied customers. They often continue to buy from us. We have already produced thousands of interior doors. Customers from all over Slovakia contact us with positive references that the interior doors have served us well for many years. That's the best review for us.

Read some of them on our Google profile or FB page.

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