Ceiling High Doors

Ceiling High Doors

Doors form a vital part of the make-up of any property. In conjunction with furniture, they link impressive room designs. High ceilings in a house are one of the solutions to add airiness and elegance to the interior. But, what type of doors to choose for them? Ceiling height doors have been gaining serious popularity in recent years. Over the last years, there has been increasing use of this door type in architecture and modern interior design.
Tall interior doors evoke that sense of greatness in our homes and one of the most effective ways to make your space feel more open and taller is by using tall internal doors. Choosing tall internal doors may support the flow of a space and may be away to make a room feel lighter or bigger and more functional. By omitting the upper horizontal part of the door frame, we are able to highlight the door in the room. By connecting the floor and ceiling, a completely new image of the room is created.
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Matching the design of doors, flooring and furniture allows you to create uncomplicated smooth modern design in your home. The unique high doors are designed to complete the exclusive interior according to the ideas of our clients. The harmonious combination of options of doors, flooring and furniture gives your home a touch of clarity, elegance and luxury. We produce tall internal doors in two variants.
The first is a frameless door that is installed flush with the wall by hiding a door frame and installing it under the plaster. We can make a door up to three meters high with the possibility of surface treatment in veneer, HPL laminate or lacquer. The second variant is a door built into a discreet frame. These doors are mounted flush to the wall in an ultra-thin door frame, creating a minimalist and unified aesthetic where the door frame appears as part of the door.
Ceiling High Doors

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