Safety doors

Class 2 and 3

The safety and fire doors retain the appearance of modern door types, whereby they meet all the parameters of the fire damper while protecting your home. *Security - fire doors are given prize individually. DESIGN FIREPROOF (EI, EW 30 D3 STANDARD)   Safety class 2 (EI EW standard 30-40-60 minutes)   Safety class 3   Sound insulation (33,35,39 dB) Model: single-wing door...

Exclusive class 2

The safety-fireproof doors keep model door types appearance and they are meeting all the  parameters of fire closure, while they protect Your property.  PRICE CATEGORY: A DESIGN   Fireproof (Standard EI EW 30 D3)   2nd Security Class (Standard EI EW 30-40-60min.)   3rd Security Class   Sound Resistance (33,35,39 dB) Model: Single and double sash...

Natural veneer sampler

*Veneer is a natural material, all possible deviations in color and drawing and structure are the hallmark of the trade and beauty of wood. That is why veneers fill the concepts of nature, originality and indestructibility. From this water dye, the drawing and shade of the veneer are only indicative. *Color variation is possible for individual parts of the door assembly.

Door frame

The door frame makes it possible to distinguish and match the overall appearance of the door. It is produced in all-natural veneer designs that are identical to the color of the door. We offer several types of frames in a folded and non-rebated design and luxury non-rebated design. FIREPROOF WOODEN FRAMES STANDARD STANDARD-DESIGN DELUXE Single / double-wing door ✓ ✓ ✓ Full / glazed door ✓ ✓ ✓ Security door...

Door type

Interior Door „LEFT“ We stand in front of the interior door so the wings open to us. If the hinges are located on the left side, we can be sure that this is a left-hand interior door. Interior Door „RIGHT“ We stand before the interior door so that the wings open to us. If the hinges are located on the right side, we can be sure it is a right interior door.

Door surface

The door frame makes it possible to distinguish and match the overall appearance of the door. It is produced in all versions of natural veins, CPL and HPL laminates, which are identical with color adjustments of door or metallic finish in color RAL treatment. We offer several types of frames in a folded and non-rebated design and luxury non-rebated design. WOODEN DOOR PRICE OFFER CPL Laminate A HPL Laminate B Natural veneer C...


They comply with the EI EW 30 D3 standard, the possibility of conversion in Class 2 (standard EW 30-40-60min.) And Class 3. It also provides sound acoustic (33,35,39db).

Safety doors of class 2 exlusive

Security doors that resist various types of attack and burglary. They comply with EI EW 30 D3, the possibility of conversion in class 2 (EI EW standard 30-40-60min). Ensures sound acoustics (33,35,39db). The likelihood that a thief chooses our dwelling is no less than a neighbor one. You can not rely on the notions that there are no valuables in your house, because you can feel an unpleasant surprise in the form of a flat door or apartment door. The use of security doors is now a matter of course. Unfortunately, the legislation does not regulate the security door parameter, so "security doors" do not need to be safe at all. In fact, it does not matter the name of the door, but whether the thief can break into our home or not. Differentiating security doors from classical or "security" is sometimes problematic for a layman who does not know the number of certificates. Fortunately, there are tips that will make your work easier.

How to uncover security from the "security" door

1. In the first place there is always the price of doors, only two variants exist, cheap doors or security. The security features that are used in the really security door are something to put the door into this category.

2. Second place is the locking point in the floor. It's a point that puts us into the strongest part of the house. It is essential that an anchor passes to the concrete.

3. The third important element is door locking. If it is possible to lock the door smoothly on a single turn with the key, it is just a mark of a quality system, where it is important to emphasize that the liner is still connected with locking.

Do you have nightmares to thrash into your dwelling? In this case, you should consider using security doors that resist violent attacks and protect your property. Manufacturers divide safety doors into different categories, according to which standards meet, we know safety classes 2, 3, 4 and even 5, which are currently considered the highest class of doors that are unbeatable and safest on the market.

Fire resistance

As the basis for the selection of security doors, it is necessary to identify and subsequently choose the type of doors that best meet customer requirements but at the same time meet all EU standards. The certified fire protection standard is 30, 45 to 60 minutes in line with EU standards.

Door dimensions

According to building holes, the size of the door is determined, and the layout of the door wings must also be determined. So whether they should be single-wing, double-winged or with the option of adding the goggles. Manufacturers also make different atypical shapes and designs possible.

Sound resistance

Manufacturers provide sound resistance from basic 33db, 39db, 40db, 42db to AUDIO according to EU standards.

Door surface

It is one of the other important product specifications. There are surface options such as CPL laminate, HPL laminate, natural veneer, wood mass or sprayed surface. It is up to the customer to decide which color is most suitable for him

Design and color of the door

The design and color of the door may be different from each side of the door, specifying the wood structure, sculpting, profiling, cassette. It is also possible to match the shade of the frame, the color of the safety threshold.

Door accessories

You have to choose a key insert, a type of cutlery, a fitting, a chain or a safety lever.

Glazed safety doors

Are you interested in glazed doors that are also safe? No problem. All you have to do is select the armor in the 2, 3 or 4. You also have to choose the size, the shape of the glazing, whether you want a double glazing or a triple glass, as all these parameters affect the safety parameters.

Door construction

We choose the anti-angular resistance, the degree of confidentiality, the number of checkpoints, the suitability for the given environment, ie whether it will be exposed to the exterior or the interior door. In addition, they guarantee protection not only from the fire, but can also be supplemented with sound insulation and also with a smoke-tightness.
If the customer requires an atypical solution, it is not a problem to meet these requirements. It is possible to choose from different designs: plain, profile, veneer, massive and cassette.

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