Interior doors

Modern doors


The largest selection of interior doors is always at the construction of a new family house. The most commonly used are the opening doors or the skylights. A very popular trend is that the doors are sliding, either on the wall or on the wall. For example, doors in the bathroom have to withstand excess moisture, so they are supplemented with various ventilation grilles, holes or slots.

Fireproof interior doors

First, they must past important fire standards. Fire doors protect and secure your property, home and health.

Fire doors guarantee protection not only from fire, but can also be supplemented with fog or sound proof. They can be used not only as an entrance door to the apartment, they are much more powerful than standard interior doors, they are therefore better able to withstand better attempts to enter the premises.

For the highest level of safety, the doors are directly tested against burglary or intrusion. These are referred to as B2 or B3 (the higher the security class number, the higher the protection).

Interior veneered doors

These are full doors, which are characterized by higher strength, durability and sound acoustic sound than most honeycomb doors. At the request of the customer, we can produce any interior doors - modern, rustic, atypical. It will also happen that a customer with a photo from the magazine will come to us to make a door upon his request. Modern doors are a powerful weapon in offices or conference rooms as the customer subjectively assesses the level of the company they are in.

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