Doors allow walkway between the rooms and from interior to exterior. Inside they are being used to subdivide the space, for example because of safety, thermal insulation, dust nuisance.  In our wide product portfolio You´ll find  high quality interior doors in modern or rustic design, depending on Your taste.

The quality of interior doors depend on surface treatment used:

  • Foil /the cheapest/ - supplied in various design - beech, oak, walnut, cherry, maple, wenge – honeycomb filling - from 50 €
  • CPL laminate – higher scratch resistance – supplied in various design - beech, oak, walnut, cherry, maple, wenge – honeycomb filling or full - from 70 €
  • Wooden veneer – the highest quality - from 100 €

The next door category is security door. Security doors are by producers selected to different categories. Depending on the standards they meet, we know several classes of safety. For family houses and flats class III is recommended. Doors of this category are tested for static mechanical stress by applying force to all points (hinges, locks ...) - pression 3 KN (300 kg), and there must be no deformation of even just one point. Dynamical test inspect the full part of door in such a way, that there is 30 kilos weight thrown down from 800 – 1200 mm height and door casing must not deform.  Construction of the door is made from layers of security (also thermal insulation) wooden boards, steel and high quality multipoint locking systems.  One of the component part is robust, perfectly fixed door frame with no possibility of extend too. This type of door are also well acoustic durable. 

Residential and non-residential places owners should think about buying fireproof doors, because of You can never be sure, that unfavourable situations, as for example fire, wouldn´t happen. Fireproof doors function on the basement of integrated insulating characteristics, so they are able to withstand the fire for some time. 

Their main task is to prevent the spread of flames and heat flow to other rooms. In addition, they guarantee protection not only from the fire, but can also be supplemented with sound insulation and smoke-tightness.

Exterior entrance doors have to meet a number of requirements, ranging from thermal insulation features, safety requirements until modern design. All our entrance doors are made-to-measure directly according to the customer's request. There are many designs of entrance door. They can be full, cassette, glazed, with side transom, with upper transom.

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