Wooden eurowindows

WOODEN EUROWINDOWS Wooden windows have excellent thermal insulation characteristics and they are also ecological, what means exceptional additional value for us as a windows producer.  In today's society, when we fight against plastics as packaging materials and carefully sort waste, we also need to think about fact, how much waste is going to be produce in few years, when people decide to change their plastic windows, not even speaking about the size of the plastic bottle...

Wood-aluminum eurowindows

WOOD-ALUMINIUM EUROWINDOWS In terms of wood-aluminum windows we should assess not only the aesthetic benefit but also the quality, lifetime and physical properties. When buying low-quality windows, it may happen that sooner or later first problems occur. In this article, we will focus on large glass areas. The large-scale glazing bring more light into the interior.  We recommend the wood-aluminum profile 92 for large-scale glazed surfaces. Through the use of compound joints &ndash...


The windows in the Individual range are designed for profile DH 78/94 or DH 92/108 in wood-aluminum design with combination of facade system with aluminum profile Integral or Klasik.  The modern design of this profile is characteristic by the fact, that the glass is in one level with the floor, the ceiling and also with the hidden hinges (frameless design). The profile combines wood and an aluminum pre-mounted triple-glazed cover that guarantees top heat insulation and maximum...


„VISION“ PROJECT Brings new generation of window frames and sashes made by „KUNAJ“ company. By this new „Vision“ product portfolio our concern unites window and door frames with minimal design in wood or wood-alu performance with perfect thermal insulation attributes. Very important additional value of the "Vision" product portfolio is emphasis on ecology. By production of the window in this product line we expend 30% less wood than by...

Wooden or plastic windows?

You are about to build a house, or just need to replace the old windows for new ones and the basic questions will definitely be what windows to choose. The most common alternatives are two, but the selection may not be easy at all. "Wooden windows or plastic?"

It's an easy-to-access natural resource that people have used throughout their history as an affordable raw material. Wood is a solid material, and the construction of the window is incredibly robust. There are no deformations, the rectangular joints of the window do not change over time and remain the same. It is an advantage especially in larger dimensions of glazing, which requires maximum stability. Their profile forms multiple layers of wood, preventing any twisting.

Wood is classical natural material. This is in the first place an ecological alternative compared to windows that are made of plastic. It does not negatively affect human health and produces up to 6 times less energy than other windows. Wood, resp. Wooden euro windows have many advantages. It is easily renewable, environmentally friendly. It brings more comfort to your living space and especially to your home.

One of the most important benefits that can not be picked up is, of course, its extraordinarily long service life, which can be several hundred years, with the right choice of wood (spruce 100 years, and it can even be up to 300 years). Surface treatment, high quality paint and varnish protect wood from cracking and degradation. It also extends the lifetime of the use of an aluminum front cover, which not only protects but also minimizes heat losses.

Repairing less damage to wooden windows is trouble-free, simple on-the-spot, and does not need to change the entire window. Even with complicated damages, which are very rare, repair is easier than with other windows.

The most common requirement for the windows we encounter is that the thermal insulation is sufficient. It is quite clear that the walls of the building are much thicker than the window itself, therefore there are stricter requirements for its properties. Frequently, the incorrect information is that wooden windows have weaker insulation properties than plastic windows, which is not true at present. Using the state-of-the-art technology has eliminated all the shortcomings that have previously marked the "name" of the wooden windows. The standard standard is an insulating triple glazing and spacing grilles, so there is no room for fear of moisture condensation on the interior glass or heat loss.

Another very important fact is the possibility of using a narrow window frame, which allows for better illumination of the interior spaces. Of course, manufacturers very precisely specify the dimensions of the frames or wings, the rule is that in the case of coarse frames the heat loss from the interior is minimized. Some frame designs serve even as a supplement to revitalize the window design, for example, when the frame with the wing is aligned.

Besides the fact that wood brings naturally pleasant atmosphere to every environment, it also naturally has a nice look. Also, wooden windows can be manufactured in different atypical shapes, which is no longer a problem using automated technology such as CNC machine tools. Whether it's triangular windows, cropped multi-edges, circles or other curved shapes, everything can be easily and quickly made.

The main disadvantages of wooden windows include the price. However, it is important to note that everything depends on the manufacturer himself, since some basic wood profiles with insulating triple glass are only a fraction more expensive than plastic windows. Wood is a material whose surface is exposed to outdoor weather conditions, so it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to its maintenance. However, even this disadvantage has been eliminated by manufacturers, by attaching special aluminum covers that intensively protect the wooden surface, resulting in extremely long life windows.

Another advantage of plastic windows is simple maintenance, as it is only once a year to confuse the window for windows. As the plastic is a relatively stable material, it is not necessary to paint its surface with a lacquer or a paint.

Currently, plastic windows are wider than wooden ones. The reason? First of all, it is mainly because of an acceptable price. But if we decide to buy windows it is important to look not only at the price but also on the life and quality of the product. Plastic windows have expanded in our country in recent years, but have a long tradition abroad. Plastic windows have a structure that is flammable, so they can not be modified, for example, to be safe or non-explosive. An advantage is the large variability of shapes and profiles.

The statistics are different, but the lifetime of plastic windows is estimated to be around 20-25 years. Of course, each manufacturer has different manufacturing processes, so the life of plastic windows can vary greatly. As we know plastic is hard to decompose in nature, but it does reduce lifetime due to the strong weather conditions. In some cases, however, the statement says that the plastic window is bought once in a lifetime.

In most cases, the customer expects a quick and trouble-free repair, but each manufacturer sets other conditions. The customer is always aware of what rules and guidelines he must comply with in order for the claim to be recognized. Many manufacturers require a regular service check that can detect in time any manufacturing errors that have not been detected during product inspection and assembly. In these situations, a claim is accepted and free service support is provided.

The actual repair of plastic windows is somewhat more complicated than in the case of wooden windows, as some damage can not be repaired directly on site and it is necessary to remove the entire window and remove the errors directly at the manufacturer. In some cases it is necessary to produce a completely new window.

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