Wooden eurowindows

Wooden eurowindow profile D 78

Wooden profile D78 is a profile that is intended for reconstructions or law-energy buildings. Its benefits are advantageous price and good heat-insulting attributes, the construction depth of the frame, or thickness is 8 mm. We man to the profile triple glass.

Wooden eurowindow profile D 78/96

Wooden profile D78/96 is a profile intended for law-energy buildings. It has a very interesting design where the frame and the wing are on one plane, with a hiding fitting. The profile has good heat-insulting attributes. The construction depth of the frame or thickness of the window is 96 mm and the window thickness is 78 mm. we man to the profile triple glass.

Wooden window profile D92

Wooden Window Profile D92 Wooden profile D92 is a profile intended for law-energy or passive buildings. It is a massive profile that has great thermal-insulation properties and is also designed for large glazing dimensions thanks to its thickness - 92mm. We have a triple glazing in the profile.

Wooden window profile D92/110

The profile D92/110 represents our thickest profile intended for low-energy or passive buildings with interesting design – the frame and the wing are on one plane with a hiding fitting – hinges. The construction depth or thickness of the frame is 110 mm and the wing thickness is 92 mm. We man to the profile triple glass.

Wooden HS portal

Wooden HS portal Sliding fittings with hinged wing hs portal provide the perfect handling technique for maximum comfort. Safe, comfortable and easy to operate without much effort at the weight of the leaf 400 kg. The barrier-free threshold with thermal insulation far exceeds the parameters required by the energy savings directive. Controlled sloping ventilation, ensures optimal air exchange, is part of a standard fitting assembly. Burglar resistance is modular up to the security class wk2...

Wooden PSK portal

Drop and drift fitting. Generously sized glass surfaces are the trend of modern architecture. They offer more freedom, comfort and light. Even the basic version of PSK portal provides safety and active protection against burglary. The elegant ergonomically shaped handles represent the safety device against lock. WOODEN EUROWINDOW D 68 ✓ D 78 ✓ D 78/96 X D 92 ✓ D 92/110 X  ...

Wooden FS portal

Sliding folding fitting FS portal provides light, air and unrestricted access to favourite place exactly according to your wish. The fitting FS portal to create folding features has no borders for folding doors. It combines variety with the highest functionality providing majestic crossing into exterior. One of the wings can be used as a crossable door controlling it independently to the other wings. The low door-step provides comfortable barrier-free crossing into exterior. Folding wings...

Glazed walls

Modern buildings of administrative buildings will not be built without glazed walls where glass has its irreplaceable function. Creates an impressive and attractive design element in construction. Our goal is to meet the customer's individual requirements. WOODEN EUROWINDOW D 68 ✓ D 78 ✓ D 78/96 ✓ D 92 ✓ D 92/110 ✓   WOODEN EUROWINDOW DH 78...

Fireproof wooden eurowindow

Fire-resistant wooden euro-windows and exterior doors retain the appearance of model window and door types, meeting all parameters of the fire shutter, preventing and preventing the spread of fire for 30-45 min. At the same time, they meet all the thermal insulation properties and prevent heat leakage. Possibility to fit 2 - 3 glasses. WOODEN EUROWINDOW D 68 ✓ D 78 ✓ D 78/96 X D 92 ✓ D 92/110 X...

Scuntion windows

Scuntion Windows There is the possibility on old buildings to see the classic castel (scuntion) windows carrying the signs of handcrafts of old masters by its elegance and sophistication. The scuntion window is a window with external and internal wing, between which is a scuntion. In the gap between wings could be a grid or pallet. In terms of thermal insulation, the gap is too wide between the windows, therefore there is an air circulation resulting in heat lost. The newest technologies...

Winter gardens

Winter gardens are the most attractive way how to expand the living space. Nowadays, there is a renaissance of winter gardens, especially in connection on solar energy use. Winter gardens allow you to prolong the stay in nature and architectonically complete the living space in an interesting way. Winter gardens add building a completely unexpected value. The glass area makes up a relaxing oasis, or a peaceful place for your free time. WOODEN EUROWINDOW D 68 X...

Window shutter

Wooden shutters are an ideal supplement to windows. They create a unique atmosphere and add impressive aesthetic look, whether in a country-style house or in modern architecture. They are helpful in saving energy, protecting from sunlight, light, wind, weather, moreover from unwelcome visitors. During summer, lamellar shutters create a pleasant climate in the house or apartment. It´s possible to install the wooden shutters on all types of windows of the design of wooden eurowindow and...

Wooden facade tiles

Exterior tiles from exterior woods have a long service life even with minimal maintenance. It is necessary to finish the wood products, which is of particular importance. Surface treatment prolongs its life, highlights and simultaneously illustrates its natural beauty.


Wooden windows have excellent thermal insulation characteristics and they are also ecological, what means exceptional additional value for us as a windows producer.  In today's society, when we fight against plastics as packaging materials and carefully sort waste, we also need to think about fact, how much waste is going to be produce in few years, when people decide to change their plastic windows, not even speaking about the size of the plastic bottle is incomparable with the size of the plastic window frame. Besides that wood brings a pleasant atmosphere to every environment, it also has a natural esthetic appearance. Its main disadvantage is  price. Plastic windows have a lower price compared to the wooden ones and their upkeep is quite simple. Wood windows need to be treated, because of wood, which is exposed to weather conditions needs to be properly catered for. The window should breathe, which is the weak side of the plastic window, where condensation is often formed between the glasses and creates ideal background for mildews formation. Consequently wooden windows are from the long-term aspect ideal investment to the future.

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