Wooden eurowindows


Wooden windows have excellent thermal insulation characteristics and they are also ecological, what means exceptional additional value for us as a windows producer.  In today's society, when we fight against plastics as packaging materials and carefully sort waste, we also need to think about fact, how much waste is going to be produce in few years, when people decide to change their plastic windows, not even speaking about the size of the plastic bottle is incomparable with the size of the plastic window frame. Besides that wood brings a pleasant atmosphere to every environment, it also has a natural esthetic appearance. Its main disadvantage is  price. Plastic windows have a lower price compared to the wooden ones and their upkeep is quite simple. Wood windows need to be treated, because of wood, which is exposed to weather conditions needs to be properly catered for. The window should breathe, which is the weak side of the plastic window, where condensation is often formed between the glasses and creates ideal background for mildews formation. Consequently wooden windows are from the long-term aspect ideal investment to the future.

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