Wood-aluminum eurowindows


In terms of wood-aluminum windows we should assess not only the aesthetic benefit but also the quality, lifetime and physical properties. When buying low-quality windows, it may happen that sooner or later first problems occur. In this article, we will focus on large glass areas. The large-scale glazing bring more light into the interior.  We recommend the wood-aluminum profile 92 for large-scale glazed surfaces. Through the use of compound joints – the main advantage of which is the aesthetic, but also the insulting properties, we are able to connect really large-scale surfaces. The use of wood-aluminium offers innovative modern solutions in glass architecture. The aluminium through combining with wood inside ensures energy efficiency, maintenance-free, long lifetime, thermal insulation, the highest stability. The challenge to join the interior with space outside is our aim. The profile combines wood and aluminum triple-glass cover which ensures thermal insulation and maximal energy efficiency.  We offer 4 aluminium models in the soft-line, integral, linear and classic design. By using large-scale glazing, we try to open up new possibilities in generous dimensioning and unlimited glass surfaces which bring the feeling of freedom to your home.

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