Vision window

We manufacture the double sash Vision window in wood and also in wood-alu design. By using minimalist frame we reached ideal interconnection with the landscape behind the window. The advantage of this window is a very thin profile from the interior side, where sharp edges and clean window lines are used. The sash looks very tenuos even when opened. Into the window we can embed double or tripple glazing according to customer requirements.

Vision balcony window

In our Vision project balcony window is available in wood and wood-alu performance with a possibility of double or tripple glazing. The minimalist design of the glass allows new space exploitation with spectacular lightness and perfect view on outdoor landscape with considerable energy saving. Forging is hidden, from SIEGENIA-AUBI company. The transition can be barrier but also barrier-free, according to the customer's requirements.

Vision HS Portal with magnetic movement

Vision HS portal is a lift-sliding window, that adds a new dimension to all sliding windows. It´s available in wood and wood-aluminum design. With its minimalist window frame and maximum glass surface on the other side, the customer can enjoy connection between the interior with the outdoor landscape. With its special fitting with magnetic lifting system is Vision HS Portals significantly different from conventional HS portals and brings maximum comfort to the customer with completely...


Brings new generation of window frames and sashes made by „KUNAJ“ company. By this new „Vision“ product portfolio our concern unites window and door frames with minimal design in wood or wood-alu performance with perfect thermal insulation attributes.

Very important additional value of the "Vision" product portfolio is emphasis on ecology. By production of the window in this product line we expend 30% less wood than by regular euro window. When producing "Vision" windows, about 70% less wood waste is produced than by the production of a regular wooden window. On the wooden part of the window we can apply oils, colors, glazes, from completely natural to modern RAL colors. The colour of aluminum also depends on what the customer prefers.

The windows are suitable for minimalist architecture, because of they don´t interfere the exterior facade of the building at all. Our main objective in this project was to bring new reality into the traditional architecture.

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