Blog / The new design at Tatra is raising

Hrebienok is a touristik area located above Starý Smokovec at the bottom Slavkovského štítu in a altitude of 1 285 meters.

At the moment serves Hrebienok as an important Sky and touristic resort. It as a starting point to the  Small cold valley and big cold valley as to Slavkovsky stit. In this area  is an slalom sky slope which is slowly turning into an ordinary sky slope until the area of Stary Smokovec. On both sides are two  750 meters long Sky tow.

A decoration of Hbrebienok is a modern hotel resort Hrebienok where our company delivered wood windows D78,  glass walls and fire resistant doors. Our service is available in the heart of the mountains come and enjoy the Tatra in a new modern style. 

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