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Today we  fullfil one from our objectives.

Family House in Kamenec ,  house  which passed through our´s hands

We installed in house doors -  housedoor and safety one.

Door are most  expressive components in house , for this reason choice of door are important decision , which create fashion of your accommodation.

Offer  of  range of goods liek doors, armouring, handles ... is liberal supply and patchworky, each  one can  fullfil  your´s requests.

Doors we can have in different realizations , different qualities, low price with folio, next laminated, made of wood -veneer or wooden, glassy, metallic  one, full or with windows.

One is true - saving money in thie segment is not  profitable. Door is first piece of furniture in your house, for this reason door has to fullfil a differnet house and people requests .

DOOR will be  in service long time, for this reasn is importnant  High Quality.

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