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We like to push the boundaries of ordinary things. We recycle and we care very much where and how our waste ends. 

This is also the way we support the future and growth of companies that strive to act with ethical approach to both people and nature. Of course, we are not an exception and, like other companies, we produce ordinary office waste in the internal administration and also accumulate used toners from printers. In order to protect nature and at the same time support the work of people with individual needs, our journey led us to a sheltered workshop in Nitra. You can read more about them in our blog.

EUROtoner, s.r.o. has been operating since 2007.
In February 2010, the company became more interested in office supplies and the materials involved. Many years of experience in the field are considered as a guarantee of quality. EUROtoner, s.r.o. is based on the principles of serious dealing with customers and suppliers. It strives to enter into mutually beneficial and profitable partnerships.   

Employees work in an environment that reflects their individual needs, especially if they are disabled. The company is full of friendly atmosphere and filled with trust and respect for the individual.
Renovation of toner cartridges is the company's core business. It includes environmental protection in the form of professional disposal of hazardous waste. Contribute to a good cause, promote sheltered workshops and save the environment - it is one of the steps for future generations. Try to remember this blog article when replacing your toner in the printer.

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