Blog / Vision is bringing a new generation of window

Vision is bringing a new generation of window frames and sashes made by "KUNAJ", which has been offering customers study and development of doors and windows for over 15 years.

With the new “Vision” product line, our company has combined window frames and door cases with a minimalist design in wood or wood-aluminium, with excellent thermal insulation properties. An important added value of the “Vision” line is its environmental friendliness. We use 30% less wood for a window in this product line than for a regular Euro-window. “Vision” windows produce about 70% less wood waste than conventional wood windows. On the wooden part of the window, we can apply oils, paints, glazes, from completely natural to modern shades of RAL colours. The colour of aluminium also depends on customer preferences. The double-leaf Vision window is also available in wood and wood-aluminium finish. Using a minimalist frame, we have achieved a perfect fusion with the landscape behind the window. The advantage of this window is a completely thin profile from the inside, where sharp edges and clean window lines are used. Even when opened, the leaf looks very subtle.

The door leaf profile has reached only 60 mm, so the reaches of all the bright cross-sections of the wall obtain a perfect combination of wall and glass. In the Vision profile, we can also devote ourselves to the RETRO version, which is suitable for use in wooden houses and old traditional houses.

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