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Kunaj Individual

The KunajIndividual collection provides the portfolio of products with multiple material options and unlimited number of colours to deliver the performance and style requirements of each project.
Our KunajIndividual collection offers large sections of glazing, innovative custom-made solutions modern frameless design to make your home´s elements match magnificently.
Projects with line KunajIndividual


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Jasná, Slovakia

Family House in Jasná

Poprad-Veľká, Slovakia

Family House in Poprad Veľká

Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia

Family House in Rimavská Sobota


Kunaj Vision

The KunajVision collection is the combination of lower environmental impact and minimalist design. The Vision windows are maintenance-free. Their frame width is 70 mm, which is almost 50 mm less than classic windows or portals.
For fans of minimalism, there is the option of completely covering the window with thermal insulation from the outside, so that only the glass remains visible. Customers can choose from more than 10 types of wood and an unlimited number of colours.
Projects with line KUNAJ vision


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Bratislava, Slovakia

Koliba Gardens

Jasná, Slovakia

House Jasná

Zvolen, Slovakia

Family House in Zvolen


Kunaj Solutions

The KunajSolution products are built with craftsmanship and automated production to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Designed for complex development projects including accessories such as window coverings, grilles for renovation, as well as modern options. Wide range of RAL- colours and wood looks offers freedom of design.
Projects with line Kunaj solutions


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Košice, Slovakia

State Philharmonic in Košice

Ľubotice, Slovakia

Villa Houses in Ľubotice

Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia

Apartment House Horec