Door design

From the anchoring and fitting point of view, we distinguish between folded and non-rebated interior door design.


Standard "Design", false door design                      Standard "Design", doorframe door design                     Deluxe - Linear, doorframe door design

*We use "folded" door designs when manufacturing.

*"non-rebated" doors are available for an extra charge.

Folded door edge

Classic standard door edge design with a half-groove.

Non-rebated door edge

The wing edge of non-rebated door is made without a half-groove and door with the door-frame make up a coherent surface.



Upper and vertical edges                      Vertical edges



Palatinated edge of the door - with half-groove                 Palatinateless edge of the door - with half-groove

*By production we use classical standard door edge design “line”

The full chipboard guarantees the resistance against cut, the door is fixed and stabile. It has excellent sound and thermal insulation. This filler is used especially by special doors guaranteeing the highest quality when comparing to economically cheaper filler “comb and lite DTD board”.

*by production of our doors we use only full DTD filler.

*the strip profile of the type C and D is possible to use only by certain door types.



Wax                                             Full DTD

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