Door filling

Honeycomb is made from special hardened paper folded into hexagonal shape of honeycomb. It is used for less saturating doors or for temporary fill of door openings.


Lightweight chipboard is the most commonly used door filler, which gives the door necessary stiffness and strength. Lightweight chipboard with its structure boosts sound insulation.

Nobasil is made of mineral wool connected with synthetic resin and provides fire and sound insulation.

Solid chipboard (Sauerland) is firm and stable material, which guarantees the durability of doors against violent encroachment. It is mainly used for special, security and sound insulated doors.

Fireproof glass:
• Clear

Glass fire standard:
EW 30 – 7 mm
EI 30 – 17,3 mm
EW 45 -17,3 mm
EI 45 – 17,3 mm
EW 60 
EI 60 
EW 90 
EI 90 

Fireproof glass is the option of delivering an easy glazing and its extension by insulating double glazing according to safety class EN12600 (3B3, 2B2 or 1B1), depending on product type. The glass is supplied only in the clear fireproof version. It has also excellent soundproofing facilities.

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