Door-frame interior

Door anchor:

The door frame makes it possible to distinguish and match the overall appearance of the door. It is produced in all natural veneer designs that are identical to the color of the door.


The installation of "Standard" and "Design" door frames in a folded and non-rebated version is done after all construction work (plastering, painting, tiling and laying floating floors and carpets).The installation of the "Deluxe" door frame requires a specific construction, it is intended only for flapless construction. The frame is exclusively mounted with "Tectus" hinges. The frame is located after completion of all construction work (plastering, painting, tiling and laying of floating floors and carpets).


Door frame, folded door frame, Standard                  Door frame, non-rebated, Standard-Design                      Framing wall, non-rebated, Design


Standard -  A classic standard version of a door frame with a corner joint

Design - Layout of a door frame with a so-called "butt joint".

Deluxe - The frame is in one plane with the wall.

*The price of double-wind door is the double-price of single-wing door.

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