Door surfaces

By surface treatment we can understand final arragement of background materials for doors and door frames production, which adds overall appearance and design to the doors.

The film is a basic material, which is only little abrasion resistant and can becomes damaged quickly.

CPL Laminate is the microlaminate more resistant to abrasion and material strain,  which nowadays reliably replaces the wood structure even in 3D. CPL Laminate is suitable for all types of objects.

HPL laminate is hardened, highly resistant material, which is impact and abrasion resistent. HPL laminate is suitable for using in more demanding areas, where exists higher risk of damage, for example in hospitals or schools.

Veneer shows the best attributes of the wood. It is very thin layer of wood, that was sliced ​​or peeled from a tree trunk. The main difference compared with massive wood is, that massive wood is cut from tree trunks, but by this operation there is more waste than by scratching veneers. In other words, processing the tree trunk to veneer enables to maximize the added value we can get. No other natural product can provide us with such unique added value.


Design of CPL laminate or HPL laminate is more affordable but it´s also limited in the amount of colour scale possibilities. The second option is the possibility of spraying CPL or HPL laminate with RAL colour shades, which are more expensive, but on the other hand, the colour range is more various.

Massive doors are made from natural massif, which was dried before. Spruce, pine, oak or beech can be used.

Reference of massive doors in Hotel Lomnica

Brushed wooden veneer is specially treated by the machine, which removes a softwood layer and highlights the annular circles by using wire brush, creating a unique wood structure that we can feel by touch and looking too.

Gatered surface treatment is possible to create on massive veneer, where we can see little gashes on the wood surface, looking like caused by cutting, what creates unique wood structure.

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