Gemini Passiv

The Gemini Passiv profile is designed where minimization of heat loss is required. The special insulating interlayer creates a barrier that increases energy savings to 90% compared to conventional modern buildings. It guarantees excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency. We have a triple glazing with a heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 0.70 W / (m2K). It's a profile on which a pre-assembled aluminum classic cover feeds.

A passive house is a tried and tested concept that can be accessed for everyone. In a passive house, a square meter is consumed by 1.5 l of less liquid fuel or by 1.5 m3 of less gas per habitable area - which is considerably less than normal low-energy buildings. A passive house is a building standard that is energy-efficient, comfortable and at the same time affordable. Huge energy savings have been demonstrated in a warm climate where typical buildings require active cooling. It is designed where it is necessary to reduce heat losses to a minimum. It guarantees excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

Window class
Thermal insulation
Uw od 0,79W/m2K
Sound insulation
43 - 45 dB
RC1, RC2, RC2N
Number of glasses   3
Glass composition   4-12-4-12-4


Number of seals   3
Stop seal color  black


Openable and openable / folding
Folding / Arched / Pitched 
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