Sound insulation

We achieved sound insulation of our door constructions via testing in a certified laboratory.  Now we are able to produce soundproofing doors in the range of 27, 33, 37, 42 DB.

Air soundproofing is the ability of the material to prevent the encroachment of sound, which is airborne. For example, when we are trying to moderate noise from the street, features of the perimeter walls of the house and the holes fillings are important, and when we need to moderate noise also from inside of house, also walls, floors and ceilings are essential. The ability of the materials to absorb sound we can express by the sound insulation coefficient. When using multiple layers of different materials, the final coefficient is calculated as the sum of the coefficients of the individual materials.

The soundproofing features of windows and doors depends on the quality of the glass, frame and fittings as well, as the professionalism of the window installation to the walls of the house. Extreme external noise can be isolated by triple glazing, anti-noise glass and anti-noise frames. The frame has usually better soundproofing features than glazing. What´s important is the type of material used for frame, its thickness and filler. Thicker glass has better soundproofing attributes. Also an asymmetrical double glazing thickness is suitable, for example in the ratio of 2:1. Sound insulation can be increased about another 3-4 dB by saturation of noble gas into the gap between the glass layers.

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