Our door constructions enable to use more possibilities of door sealant with help of thresholds in these designs:

  • Falling threshold, which is milled into the door sash construction. When the doors become closed, threshold goes out from the sash construction and it fills the gap between floor and door sash construction. Falling threshold keeps acoustic and fireproof standards. 
  • Threshold from wooden massif is made from pure massif of beech or oak with a possibility of additional sealant. Wooden massive threshold can be stained to the desired colour design. 
  • Without using a threshold in the construction barrier-free doors come into existence. For people with limited movement ability barrier-free constructions bring access to the places, wchich are normally inaccessible for them. They help people with heavy walking, but also mothers with baby strollers. Barrier-free doors design keeps all the fireproof certificates.
  • Aluminum threshold is made from stretched anodized aluminum with interpolated thermal bridge. It is exceptional, because of maintenance-free and surface treatment resistance.


Falling threshold                                                    Wooden threshold without sealant ​                        Wooden threshold with sealant 



                                                      Barrier-free threshold    ​                                                              Aluminum threshold in the reference

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