Wood-aluminium Windows

The exceptional combination of wood and aluminium gives your home a modern feel. Easy maintenance is one of the main characteristics of wood-aluminium windows. Every owner of a modern house appreciates easy-care windows. Be inspired by our large selection of wood-aluminium windows.

What to expect from wood-aluminium windows?

Wood-aluminium window is the product of two high-quality window materials. The aluminium exterior is very robust and low maintenance. The naturally warm appearance of real wood cannot be replaced by any other material. Wood-aluminium windows are an ideal solution for glazing above-standard surfaces. Insulating triple glazing is a common standard for us, which also meets high requirements for windows in passive houses.
The use of high-quality window seals increases heat and sound insulation. Windows for passive houses are therefore not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also make a significant contribution to saving energy costs. The durability of wood-aluminium windows also brings a significant level of comfort to architectural solutions, since maintenance is not required at all. Wood-aluminium windows will add to the elegant interior design of your room making it look warm and cozy while efficiently protecting your home from the elements keeping it well insulated and comfortable.


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Ľubotice, Slovakia

Villa Houses in Ľubotice

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Family House in Zvolen

Wood-aluminium Windows


Family House Poprad | KUNAJIndividual  | Wood-aluminium Windows

Family House Jasná | KUNAJIndividual  | Wood-aluminium Windows

Family House Rimavská Sobota | KUNAJIndividual | 24 Meter Glazed Wall

KUNAJ | Wood-aluminium Window DH98

KUNAJVision | Wood-aluminium Window Vision


Why the wood-aluminium windows from KUNAJ?

Your satisfaction must be the most important criterion when choosing windows. Choose the best supplier. During the years of production, our company has gained key experience, expanded its production with new buildings, machines and employees.

Complex windows service

We manufacture and assemble a complete line of wood-aluminium windows, we provide a complete service of wood-aluminium windows from A to Z.

20 years of experience

The history of our company dates back to 1950, the finely crafted windows and  doors reflect the company’s long tradition of excellence.

100% Slovak product

All our wood-aluminium windows are produced in a Slovak manufacture base. The commitment to quality has been passed down to our employees and continues to be a driving force in the company.

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Visit our KUNAJ showroom in High Tatras

We operate from our head office in Štrba. Get a cup of good coffee, directly below the Tatras, on the main route to Štrbské Pleso. You will find us a 2-minute drive from the D1 motorway exit. You can visit our showroom for an in-person view of the work we do and to get a feel for our products.



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See what our customers say about the KUNAJ wood-aluminium windows

We value our customers and always listen to what they have to say about our services. Thanks to modern technology, a qualified team and 20 years of experience, we will be the right partner for your project. We will produce your windows according to the requirements of quality and precision. Our clients said about us:

“From the start, very responsive, friendly, delivere dexactly what we asked for. They used their own car for better handling on the construction site. Surface treatment of windows 100%, HS portal - easy to open, I’d recommend Kunaj Windows very highly. We have the Vision wood-aluminium profile - we are delighted with the end result.”

- Marek B. (Google Reviews)

“I wanted windows with a long service life, without the need for treatment and to be made of natural material. They delivered exactly what we asked for. I chose aluminium on the outside and wood on the inside. The windows are beautiful, massive with hidden hinges. They have been admired by neighbours and friends alike."

- Peter S. (Google Reviews)

"High quality products - interactive marketing, new exceptional interior design of the showroom, professional, helpful team (Ms.Poradová). I've had Kunaj windows for 12 years, without a single problem. They keep me informed about news, such as the VISION window concept - excellent design, quality. "

- Patrik D. (Google Reviews)


Frequently asked questions

Wood-aluminium vs. wooden windows?

Both,wood-aluminium windows and wooden windows have sets of pros and cons. The main benefit of the wood-aluminium windows is the minimal maintenance. However, wooden windows care isn´t such difficult but must be done regularly. There is a large variety in terms of colours, profiles and designs of aluminium and wood to give your windows that perfect look that complements your interior, which makes the wood-aluminium windows more available and popular.

Wood-aluminium windows vs. aluminium windows?

Aluminium doesn't hold in heat as well as other materials. Aluminium windows are more prone to condensate. Customers believe that large glazing can only be realized in aluminium profiles. However, that is not true.

In the past such glazing was mostly made of aluminium. However, today's trend isto use a combination of wood and aluminium. Large wood-aluminium glazing is stable, strong and in high demand.

Wood-aluminium windows vs. uPVC windows?

Compared to plastic windows, wood-aluminium windows are ecological, since half of them are made of wood - a renewable and living material. The combination of wood and aluminium results a composite window with perfect insulation properties with narrow construction depth and many possibilities of colour design.

The investment in wood-aluminium windows will pay you back, either in the form of energy savings or the longevity of the windows. Frameless wood-aluminium windows are also one of the popular options, which will give the interior a new dimension and a feeling of airiness.

What´s the cost of wood-aluminium windows?

All of our windows are made to exact specification and according to specific design criteria, inside and out. Since we don’t work with standard windows configurations, each quotation will be created specifically for your project.

Do you produce wood-aluminium windows for large projects or for family houses?

Our craftsmanship has manufactured a large number of different orders. Our work is diverse. We are dedicated to the production of wood-aluminium windows for large projects and family houses as well. One of our development projects is the Demänová Resort.

The Hrebienok Resort in Starý Smokovec is a complex project that won the title Construction of the Year 2019. In our portfolio you will find many projects for family houses.

What colour designs and window materials do you offer?

Spruce is the wood type that is at KUNAJ most widely used for windows, proved by many years of experience.  Followed by the oak, red spruce and exotic meranti wood. Colour versions with light shades, from anthracite to black colours or colours that preserve the natural structure of wood are available, colour shades that completely cover the structure of wood are the opposite. There is a wide rage of aluminium colours, from RAL to matte. Aluminium can even look like a real imitation of wood.

Are wood-aluminium windows made for passive houses?

Wood-aluminium windows are suitable for passive houses to the same extent as wooden windows. An important selection parameter is the thickness of the window profile. We use the 92 or 92/108 profile for passiv houses.

How long do wood-aluminium windows last?

Wood-aluminium windows are worth the investment. Aluminium is supremely strong and durable and is highly resistant to corrosion, capable of standing up to the outside elements. Aluminium protects the wood from degradation, which guarantees a very long service life. Depending on the care of the wood, it can easily be 80 to 100 years.

Are your wood-aluminium windows made eco-friendly?

We emphasize a focus on the ecology and renewable resources. We use Slovak wood, which does not need to be imported from other countries. The waste produced during the production of wood-aluminium windows is turned into energy for heating, thanks to which we are thermally self-sufficient.

We are also involved in planting new trees in the High Tatras. Find more about how we contribute to the environment in our blog.

How large can be a wood-aluminium glazing?

In production, we usually glaze openings that are 3x3meters in size. The glazing dimensions depend on the weight of the glass. Wood-aluminium windows have the largest glazed surfaces. View our gallery of wood-aluminium glazing possibilities, e.g., a family house in Rimavská Sobota, where we supplied 24 m of glazing. Be inspired.

How do I order your wood-aluminium windows?

The first step is filling out the form or consulting with a sales representative. We will send the price offer to the customer via email.

If the price offer is approved by the customer, the wood-aluminium windows will be measured by our technicians. After the project has been prepared and it has been approved by the customer, the windows are put into production.

What are the experiences and reviews of your customers?

We place our customers above everything else. We realize, during the 20 years of practise, that every business is unique and therefore every client has individual requirements. The reviews of our customers are our priority. Our happy clients from Slovakia and abroad are the best reference.

Read some of them on our Google profile or FB page.

What is the delivery time when ordering wood-aluminium windows?

The standard delivery time for wood-aluminium windows is 8-10 weeks. However, it can be extended if it is necessary to order a special type of material. Preliminary delivery time is agreed, when signing the contract.

Wood-aluminium Windows

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