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Wooden windows are not only a combination of careful work and historical craftsmanship, but also of automated production and ecology. Our craftsmen and the most modern technologies enable us to produce the highest quality custom-made wooden euro-windows.

Why choose wooden windows?

Wooden windows impress with their originality. They can go with any type of architectural style, wooden windows for cottages or houses are manufactured in our production on a daily basis. We have been producing custom-made wooden windows for several decades. Wood is a natural insulator and does not readily transfer heat or cold. Wood windows are warm, classic, and some of the most beautiful frames on the market.
A special category are wooden windows for passive houses, which are designed to prevent the highest possible heat transfer and thus significantly reduce energy costs. Thus, you can choose to tailor your wooden frames for windows by selecting from a large variety of woods like Siberian spruce or knotty oak, all with the added value of energy saving and ecology. You can choose of 9 to suit your taste and to conform to the look of the house.


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Wooden Windows


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Why choose the wooden windows from KUNAJ?

Choose the best window supplier. Modern production technology, professional team, key experiences - explore all the entry door features and options KUNAJ offers. Let us help you to find the best solution.

Complex service

As one of the few companies we provide a complete service at each stage of the wooden windows production. We use our experience and technology to bring your project to life.

20 years of experience

The history of our company dates back to 1950, the finely crafted wooden windows reflect the company’s long tradition of excellence.

Eco Friendly Product

All our wooden windows are made of Slovak wood with minimal harm to environment.

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Stop by to see and touch a variety of energy-efficient windows. You will find us near the train station or motorway exit. You can make the trip more pleasant with a coffee, a view of the High Tatras, or a walk around Štrbské Pleso, which is only 12 kilometres away from our showroom. Find the right windows for your home in person.


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See what our customers say about the KUNAJ wooden windows

Our priority is customer satisfaction. We take an individual approach to each project to satisfy any requirements our clients might have. Thanks to modern technology, a qualified team and 20 years of experience, we will be the right partner for your project. We will produce your windows according to the requirements of quality and precision. Take a look at some of our testimonials:

“From start to finish excellent communication and customer service including offer request, price offer, fitting and assembly of windows and front doors. I´m very satisfied with the quality of these products. There is no condensation on windows. I certainly recommend their service.”

- Stanislava K. (Google Reviews)

“Even after 15 years, I am very satisfied with their work. Always provides me with professional help and advice. I'll certainly be using this company for any future project.”

- Michal B. (Google Reviews)

"Me and my wife longed for wooden windows because of their pleasant atmosphere. However, we liked wood-aluminium profiles more because of their thick frames. Then we visited the Kunaj showroom, and we saw live the Vision frames. We are very glad to find them."

- Michal H. (Google Reviews)


Frequently asked questions

Wooden windows vs. Wood-aluminium windows

Thanks to wood’s natural beauty, wooden windows look great and will add a touch of class to any locations they’re fitted. Wooden windows typically cost less than wood-aluminium windows, and they insulate relatively well.

The most sought-after product for our customers is a wooden window. Wood is a classic, warm, and beautiful choice for windows, in connection with the new hygge style is becoming more and more popular. Incorporating wood in your home interiors will ensure pleasant and warm interior design.  

Wooden windows vs. Aluminium windows

Wood acts positively to your home to get cozy atmosphere. Wooden windows are an interesting solution and bring a warm atmosphere in space, creates a sense of comfort, warmth, harmony and relaxes maximum. Although aluminium can look inferior, the aluminium windows tend to come out top. Lovers of minimalist design and industrial living style like to use it in their projects.

Wooden windows vs. uPVC windows

uPVC doors and windows are significantly cheaper than both wooden and Aluminium options. These windows have a modern look, so suitable for contemporary buildings. As a natural resource, wood is renewable, light and strong. The environmental impact of uPVC is much greater than that of wood.

Wooden windows have a low thermal conductivity, so are a good insulator. Weighing up the pros and cons is never easy. Take a look at our blog for some inspiration.

What´s the cost of wooden windows?

The price of wooden windows ranges somewhere between uPVC and wood-aluminium windows. Nowadays, windows made of wood may or may not cost more upfront than aluminium, depending on the quality and style. However, each family house or renovation is different and specific, so all of our projects are priced individually.

Do you produce wooden windows for large projects or for family houses?

Wooden windows remain popular for multiple reasons, chief among them their attractive appearance. We often produce wooden windows for renovations of family houses, or for new family houses, such as the project in Vikartovce. Over recent years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for window systems into residential houses and flats as well.

A special category are historical buildings and replicas of wooden windows. In such cases, we cooperate with the historical authorities so that the original architectural style is preserved as much as possible. An interesting historical reference is the manor house in Bernolákovo.

What colour designs and window materials do you offer?

In terms of colour, wooden windows offer endless possibilities. We offer the option of two-colour wooden windows; different window colour is used in the exterior than in the interior. The structure of the wood can be visible or completely covered.

Are wooden windows made for passive houses?

Yes, our wooden windows are made for passive houses, ensuring the energy efficiency. The use of wooden frames is ideal for our profile D92 and 92/110.

How long do wooden windows last?

Modern wooden windows now have a life expectancy of several decades, and dependant on the wood used and the upkeep of maintenance, they can last much longer. You will be convinced by the wooden windows in medieval castles. An oak can easily last three generations. Renovating old and worn wooden windows is not entirely easy, but it is almost always possible.

Are wooden windows made eco-friendly?

Processing wood for the production of wooden windows at KUNAJ proceeds in an eco-friendly way. The waste wood is used as a source of energy in winter months. The application of eco varnishes and paints is also a matter of course.

How do I order your wooden windows?

After clicking on the non-binding inquiry, we will prepare a price offer. Our sales representative or technical consultant will contact you and prepare for you all other necessary details for ordering windows. After the price offer has been agreed and the advance invoice has been paid, the window openings will be targeted by our experienced technicians. After the project has been checked, the windows are entered into production and an assembly date is agreed upon.

What are the experiences and reviews of your customers?

Our vision is strongly driven by our customers´ needs. We are committed to fulfilling the customers´ needs. Existing customers like what we do and come back, for example, with a request to make interior doors, and they recommend us to their friends.

You can read the testimonials on our Google profile or FB page.

Do wooden windows belong to the modern interior design?

The latest window trend is the combination of white colour matched with light, natural wood. Natural wooden windows therefore appear clean and timeless. The anthracite grey colour has become a popular choice for wooden window frames.

Wooden Windows

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