Certified security doors

Security doors offer a high level of protection, they may fit into the respective architecture, their design and technological equipment are limitless. Modern security doors may give your property a stylish look without scarifying form or function. They are designed to secure and protect your home and property.

Security Doors

The security doors are designed for interiors of development projects fulfilling the highest requirements and aesthetically harmonizing with the interior features. You can configure doors with special features for flats. We can supply secure front doors made to suit every customer’s specific requirement. You can choose from a wide selection of materials. Some common examples would be laminate, aluminium or wood veneers.
For hotels or accommodation there are also solutions such as a closing card system or systems that can be unlocked by mobile phone or fingerprint. Security entrance doors are manufactured in wide selection. Simply pick out the most appropriate for your existing décor. Our models also come with fire resistance EI30.


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Security Doors


KUNAJ | Security Doors


Why security doors from KUNAJ?

There are several certified security door manufacturers on the market today. Choose a partner who meets your versatile security and design requirements. KUNAJ has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized security doors.

Complex service

As one of the few companies we provide a complete service of security doors production from A to Z. We use our experience and technology to bring your project to life.

20 years of experience

The history of our company dates back to 1950, the finely crafted security doors reflect the company’s long tradition of excellence.

Fire resistance

We manufacture security doors with fire resistance class EI30, which will protect your home in the case of fire.

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There are several certified security door manufacturers on the market today. Choose a partner who meets your versatile security and design requirements. KUNAJ has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized security doors.

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If you choose a security door with a frame from KUNAJ, our experts will analyse your needs and clarify technical parameters and data. We are here for you every working day.

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Whether your project is a modern family house or a development project, there is a Kunaj security door perfect for your home. Our specialist will look out and prevent any potential issues that could occur during the installation of your doors.

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Visit our KUNAJ showroom in the High Tatras

If you're struggling to make up your mind, you can view our security doors live, in our showroom in Tatranská Štrba. You will find us near the train station and close to the D1 motorway exit. Our specialist surveyors measure and discuss your needs. With the help of our design team we offer an unsurpassed range of styles, with high security integration as a standard.


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See what our customers say about the KUNAJ Security doors

Security doors as a design element intended to protect your home. First-class technical solutions are our priority. With an emphasis on your security, we have been producing Slovak security doors for almost 20 years. We always appreciate receiving the great feedback our customers provide us once their products are installed.

“We needed some security doors in the anthracite colour for a small commercial project. We didn't get any colour restrictions at KUNAJ. The promised deadlines were met, no mistakes were made, the assembly team was professional. Satisfaction."

- Filip N. (Google Reviews)


Frequently asked questions

How much do security doors cost?

The price you pay will vary based on materials, type, design and size chosen. For the cost of the security door unit, homeowners pay 700 EUR on the low end, depending on the accessories used.

How to choose your security door?

The choice of security doors should be consulted with technical staff, who will advise you to choose a suitable door for your apartment or development project. The price varies, depending on your choice on the materials, design, security of the unit and fittings, you want to be included in your door. Apartment building development projects have the required safety class specified in the projects.

Is the security door effective?

No matter what colour and style you select, we recommend pursuing installation by a skilled contractor. That way, you can make sure your security door operates when you need it to hold up against an intruder. If you want to insure your apartment against theft, security doors are a must, so even in such a situation, their use is definitely effective.

Which types of security doors are available and which are the best?

Our portfolio consists of the production of class II security doors and III. These two classes are different in their construction and in the materials used. We use all-stainless steel security fittings for doors. The most preferred security insert for the door is supplied in security class 3 and more.

We offer front doors with a security hook lock. When locked, the hook slides into the door frame, so when the door is potentially levered, the hooks hold the door in the door frame. Most manufacturers offer a bolt-lock-system that is not as effective. The best-selling security doors in our country are the security doors class 2, in a laminate design with a wood decor and a semi-clad steel frame.

What colour designs and door materials do you offer?

The most common materials used in security doors include mainly CPL, or HPL laminate doors, coming with different designs to choose from. We provide also wooden security doors with a wooden frame, which are certified and are becoming increasingly popular. Many security door manufacturers do not offer this option.

Do you provide large projects or family houses with security doors?

We supply security doors for large residential projects and apartment buildings. An example is the apartment house Casa Callas in Košice.

A smaller part of the production consists of security doors for customers in apartments.

Are your security doors made environmentally-friendly?

All our security doors are manufactured ecologically. These doors are made in Slovakia. We use wood from Slovak forests as a priority, it is not imported from abroad. In cooperation with the urban community in Tatranská Štrba, we support the planting of new trees in the High Tatras and, thanks to wooden briquettes, which are a by-product of the production of security doors, we are completely thermally self-sufficient.

Do you also provide installation for security doors?

We offer certified installation of security doors. Without professional installation, security doors do not fulfil their role properly. In case of interest, we also provide disassembly of old doors throughout the Slovak Republic.

How to order your security door?

After the initial request for a security door, you receive a price offer.  Our sales representative will prepare for you all the other necessary requisites for the order. After paying the advance invoice, the door openings will be measured by our experienced technicians. After checking the project, the security door will start to be manufactured.

What are the experiences and reviews of your customers?

We have supplied security doors for many residential projects and apartment buildings throughout Slovakia. For example, Demänová Resort, Viladomy Ľubotice, White House apartment building in Rimavská Sobota and many others.

You can read the testimonials on our Google profile or FB page.

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